1st day of a road trip: London-Dover-Dunkirk-Hasselt

As you know, there is a tunnel going straight to France from the UK, which takes only 35min. but we never use it. Reason for that being the most stupid: if there was any kind of an attack, probability to die miserably would be higher than with the ferry. Yaaas...

The infamous "nasty ferry"

So we picked always as nasty ferry, which reminds us Finns of the famous ferries sailing from Helsinki to Tallinn. Cost for the trip from UK to France with a SUV is around £65 and the trip takes approx. 2 hrs.

From Dunkirk or Dunkerque we drove all the way to Hasselt in Belgium. I fell in love with that cutely detailed city with small restaurants, cafés and fashion boutiques - took multiple pictures with my phone until it got broken. Therefore I let words speak more than pictures in this post. Sorry about that.

In Hasselt I had booked a 3 star hotel through hotels.com called YUP. Here's my review of it which you can also find on TripAdvisor.

"On our roadtrip from London to Romania we had a pit-stop in Hasselt. I choose YUP because it looked fresh, stylish and welcoming in the pictures + the price was good, around 100 euros / night. This hotel reminds me a little bit of ACE hotel chain's hotels or a Story hotel in Stockholm. Everything was just like in the pictures + personnel were great. 5 star experience in a 3 star hotel. Way to go, hopefully your business goes well! Ideas for the hotel owners: I haven't investigated your background at all to be honest, so probably this is something that you already have, but if you don't have yet, I'm sure you could create next a hotel for a higher segment or to do as like ACE hotels do: rooms for every segments from hostel to 5 stars - with still, keeping your own, unique style in every room."

That's all about Hasselt. Highly recommended weekend trip destination.

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