2nd day of a road trip: horrendous hotel experience in Stuttgart

Drove all the way from Hasselt, Belgium to Stuttgart, Germany. The whole drive took approximately 5hrs. It's quite a pleasant to drive in Belgium - a capital of European Union: I can totally see where the money goes to. Motorways in a mint condition, street lamps on the highway in every one meters. When entering to Germany, zero street lamps on the highway, streets partly made by cheap concrete. People drive like maniacs and are staring at us like they haven't ever seen a car with a steering wheel on 'the wrong side'. "What ever", I think. "Soon we'll be chilling at our nice hotel in Stuttgart". Well... Here's my review of the Maritim hotel of Stuttgart:

First of all, as a tip for the owner and the marketing team of the Maritim -hotel: A word Maritim refers to the ocean and a water. And you're marketing your amazing SPA slash pool area. Which gives an image at least for me at least of a hotel with a proper swimming pool - perhaps I would except even a little bit more. At least that the pictures by Maritim would face the reality even a little. Well... don't except any luxury of the swimming pool, it's not even like in the picture above.

Booked this hotel for my partner, myself and my partner's son during our road trip because of the swimming pool and a parking hall. First of all, I expected the parking would have been included to the price €134 / night. Instead parking costs €20 / day.

First impression is the most important, they say. When arriving to the massive, almost impressive looking lobby, the smell around reminded of my grandfather before his death. Arrived to the front desk where were 4 people working at the same time. A woman with a blond hair wasn't really talkative, read: seemed like she had forgotten that her job is in a customer service. Took approximately 15 minutes to deal with our pre-booked reservation. In that time I invented a joke: "How many Germans is needed to handle one hotel booking?" Answer is 5 because they all were involved to proceed our reservation and after all had to call about it to their colleague.

I ordered a family room, which happened to be just like an empty space with separate beds for me and my hubby and a basic sofa bed for his son which is understandable but come on - I don't want to sleep apart of my partner. I'm just sitting in this empty room that looks more likely a congress room from 1970's with furniture and a floor mat from 90's that make me vomiting and laughing at the same time. This atmosphere is almost like a Twin peaks - this could be a truly kitschy heaven if there was an Elk's head on the wall and garden gnomes on the corners. But nope. Just an empty space.

Maritim Stuttgart, you did not steal my heart. End of story.

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