5 Things to remember when driving from Montenegro to Serbia

There are various things you should keep on mind when driving from Montenegro to Serbia. Back in the summer of 2017 we had a full-experience of what it is like to drive all the way through Croatia to Bosnia I Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

This pic was taken when there was still approximately 5 hrs left - so the Google Maps told us. If we only knew it was going to be another 10 hrs...

1.  Google Maps doesn't know everything

Google maps tells you, that the distance in between Budva (Montenegro) and Belgrade (Serbia) is approximately 500km. Sounds fair drive, right? Google also tells, that the trip takes approximately 7 hrs. That's also quite OK to do in a one day. But when after 11 hrs of driving you realize that you still haven't reached the destination, you might get pissed off. Google Maps don't know the road conditions everywhere in Serbia, especially when getting access to the Wi-Fi only once in 2 hrs when pit-stopping in the gas stations - coming to which...

2. If counting on Google Maps, use their 'Offline' feature

Google Maps has a great new feature, which allows you to upload your route before leaving on a trip and after that works offline. It's good to remember though, that naturally the offline route doesn't get updated without access to the internet - so it doesn't show you the fastest routes in case of a heavy traffic etc. - Only the one route that you have uploaded. That's why it's good to access on Wi-Fi or put the dataroam on once in a while to get the route updated.

If you ever wondered, where did all the 90's LADAs disappear...

3. Don't underestimate what Serbia has to offer

On the way to Belgrade, why don't you just take a night or more somewhere in the country side of Serbia? The nature and the little villages on a way from Montenegro to Belgrade are amazing. Not only mentioning the  Lonjsko Polje Nature Park protected by UNESCO, everything in Serbia is unlike, own kind and special. Also, as like in every old Yugoslavian countries, you can see the signs of a near history. Everybody - at least every European should visit these countries. Truly, truly special. About Serbians and their attitude towards foreigners: warm, helpful, kind. Everywhere we stopped - even in the border control.

Serbia 2017

4. Unlike when entering to Montenegro and Bosnia i Hercegovina, you won't be charged

When entering from Croatia to Bosna i Hercegovina, you need to buy a green card (for three it costs €20.) And again when entering from Bosna i Hercegovina to Montenegro, you need to purchase another green card (€25 for three). When entering from Montenegro to Serbia, you don't need a green card. No additional fees.

Serbia 2017

5. Serbia isn't a part of EU: The dataroaming and making phone calls cost a fortune

As you know, Serbia isn't a part of European Union. The dataroam, calls and text messages are extremely expensive if you don't have a Serbian SIM card. As a tip for people traveling with kids: make sure your children have their phones in an airplane mode. Prepare the back seats with blankets, pillows, candies, salty snacks, water and some activities that don't include online access. This microphone that can be connected with the car's speakers and your phone is truly annoying - but popular activity among children, teenagers and step-mothers whom love their own voice.

Activities in a car without Wi-Fi...

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