5 tips for travellers to avoid queues and make traveling smoother at the airports

Do you like queuing? For many, traveling means going for a holiday. For me whom traveling used to be an everyday life, it doesn’t feel like going for holidays when arriving to the airport and facing the queues without platinum cards. I’m going to reveal you the tricks how I’m doing traveling less stressful and more pleasant by avoiding queues without any extra cards or payments. (EDIT: this hardly works when traveling with the kiddos :D)

1.       Keep it light.

If traveling by a plane, I never take check-in luggage with me. First, I’m too inpatient for checking it in and again – queuing. Secondly, I’m way too inpatient for waiting it to arrive. Also, there is always a risk that your luggage gets lost – especially in the multi-stop flights.

2.       Do the online check-in.

Once you don’t have a luggage to check-in, you can walk straight to the security check and save yourself from extra queuing.

3.       Prepare yourself for the security check.

What is more annoying than people whom start unpacking their bags and going through their liquids or whether they have forgotten their weapon shaped giant dildo in one of their multiple small packages. It can’t come as a surprise for anyone that every time at the airport there is a security check. So why can’t you just pack your items to one bigger bag and separate your liquids to that transparent plastic bag, take your laptop off and empty your pockets. What is so hard with it? Again – queuing shouted!

4.       Always re-book the seats online.

Myself I’m always booking the aisle seat from the front of the plane. If there are no seats left on the front of the plane – depending of the flight company – I’m booking the most back row seats because for example EasyJet in Europe and some other companies are opening both – the front and the back door. So actually – on the Easy.Jet flights, it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for the front seat because you can always have the back seat without extra costs and get out at the same time with “Business” people.

5.       Hurry yourself out of the plane and run to the passport control before the other travellers get there.

It’s a great exercise after sitting on a plane, you get the winner feeling when being the first plus your travel companion pissed off (My partner hates me always when I’m doing this. So basically, every time we fly together.)

Do you have any other tricks? (again, those fancy cards nor money not counted!)

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