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We found CASA BOEMA accidentally when walking around the old town of Cluj-Napoca one beautiful late summer evening. In this case, as like in many other cases in the city, you'll find the best restaurants in the inner yards of smaller alleys. This what I would've described as a romantic dinner. We end up returning here over and over again.

Casa BOEMA offers amazing pastas, pizzas, risottos, salads and desserts. They surely have all kinds of meat dishes too, but I would say, that in this place it's about the ones above.

Casa Boema, Cluj Napoca 2017

One which's taste I can still remember, was the gnocchis with some ricotta, parmigiana and spinach. Simply delicious!

My love, the pizza boy, loved CASA BOEMA's pizzas. Quattro formaggi - as always.

Casa Boema, Cluj 2017

One night we ordered the Romanian platter with different kind of veggie dips. It was quite a huge for me alone as my partner did not touch any of it.

Then the most important - desserts. Classic creme brule - well succeed!

This was something special.. a lime cheesecake with mint-basil ice cream (if I remember correctly). Anyway, it was absolutely delicious! Again, the price level is something like you would pay in London for minus x 5.

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