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After endless drive from Makarska, Croatia to Budva, the view wasn't what I expected. I had only Googled 'beaches in Montenegro', so arriving to the actual city that reminded me a bit like Dubai or something that Russians could aim to build; huge buildings with clothing stores and flash lights.

At this point I was thinking like "Oh shit..." 

Until I met our AirBnb host and everything changed.

A beach in Budva, 2017


Our host was the most amazing. Half of his family is originally from Budva and they have multiple properties around the area. He guided us to the Old Town of Budva - surrounded by stone walls - where our apartment was located. It had everything that you need; it was super clean and tidy, there was a AC, a comfortable bed, basic kitchen equipment and a nice bathroom with a washing machine - which traveler truly appreciates!

My favorite over all was the own terrace where you could sip your morning coffee and watch people strolling down the streets of old town. As I'm currently working and studying, I started my mornings around 5 a.m. with opening my work tasks, worked until 12 a.m. and the continued with my studies for one or two more hours. The old town wasn't too noisy - even we had a kid with us. I would come back anytime and book only that specific property. I was super impressed and pleased of this experience.

Food & Drink

During our stay in Budva, we didn't really have any bad food experiences. There was found kitchens for every taste. Our absolute favorite was Turkish restaurant Bahçe, where I had the most amazing Turkish food I've ever had in my entire life. Even in Turkey. And I'm truly suggesting you to take my advice seriously: don't under estimate Turkish kitchen based on the hangover kebabs you've had from the pub of your local village or city somewhere. This has nothing to do with those kebab shops we have in Finland for example. This is the real deal. Pure, fresh food with a taste! And the price was more than reasonable. Got to mention also about the 5-star service we experienced - 3 nights in a row.  That's how much we fell in love with this place. During the daytime we had something else than Turkish. 

The cocktails and wine cost only a couple of euros per portion. Good cocktails aren't the thing in Budva. I highly recommend to taste the local white wine, it's great!

Our absolute favorite was Turkish restaurant Bahçe, where I had the most amazing Turkish food I've ever had in my entire life.

During our stay in Budva, we didn't really have any bad food experiences.

Aqua park & the main (Jazz) beach

I wasn't a fan of the aqua park nor the main beach to be honest. Those did not face my quality standards. The aqua park was empty and pale, nothing comparing to those you've experienced in Dubai or even in Spain. Not worth of going with the price of 25 EUR a head. There's a reason why I didn't take any photos in there.

Don't get me wrong, but the main beach wasn't too beautiful. I'm more likely a fan of nature beaches - OR if it has to be superficial, I prefer beach clubs made with money. For people who care about this fact, the booze was cheap. I noticed it when I had to quickly order a vodka shot and some ice in order to clean a toe of my partner's son from blood. He had an accident and non of the businesses in the beach (which we used to rent stuff for water sports) had a first-aid kit - not even a plaster. So I end up yelling at them meanwhile I was calming down a screaming boy and throwing vodka shots on his abundantly bleeding open wound. Note to my self for my step-mother guide book: always carry a first-aid kit. Especially if having a son. After he got some lemonade and candies, everything was OK and our adventure continued.

On the Jazz beach

Would I go back to Budva?

-Yes. But I would stay out of the city center, only inside of the Old Town or in the mountains. I would do a better research and experience Budva and Montenegro on the sea. I would go to the nearby islands, go hiking and enjoy more of the local kitchen.

Budva 2017

Budva 2017

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