'Crazy About foié gras' | Restaurant Review | Cluj-Napoca | BUJOLÈ |

Special coffees, French delicacies with fresh ingredients. That's what Bujole is about. This has became my favorite place to work outside of the office. Especially, as a big fan of Foie Gras, I highly appreciate Bujole's salad with approximately 200g of itself.

Bujole, Cluj-Napoca 2017

Bujole's kitchen hasn't betrayed me ever since I started spending long days in that corner table with plug-ins under the table.

The desserts - All of them - are worth of trying! OMG!

Did I mention about coffees? The coffees are amazing! Flat white. There you go. For me who never has coffee with milk.

Ps. I'm not only having Foie Gras here everyday. And the bill after every well spent 4 hrs has been approximately ~20€ including lunch, desserts, multiple coffees, freshly squeezed juices...

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