Deep thoughts in New Delhi

People talk about how developing countries are responsible of polluting our planet... Well, one American uses energy in a year as much as 31 Indians. Isn't that crazy?

New Delhi 2017

Meat production has a huge impact to the climate, mostly because of the deforestation and methane emissions. Over 25 percent of annual global greenhouse emissions are caused by food production and consumption, of which even 80% comes from livestock production. If we would stop eating the red meat and change it to the white meat as like chicken - we could get methane emissions caused by food production dropped even 80%. The cows are holy in India, so the emissions do not come there from livestock, but in the result of burning various materials for energy production.

In New Delhi and India overall, these thoughts just 'hit the fan'. Isn't it ironic, that the people whom actually pollute the globe less, are the most suffering of the pollution (and poverty)?

Regardless of the poverty, in New Delhi, you can find such an unique places all around the city. Places that interior designers are just dreaming of. Try to copy the authenticity of this old boxing paradise in the alleys of Delhi:

Delhi 2017

Delhi 2017

A man in Delhi 2017

Delhi 2017

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