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On our way to Croatia we had a pit-stop near Salzburg, in an incredibly beautiful Alp village called Flachau. I probably wouldn't ski there because I didn't see any good mountains around but during the summer time Flachau seems to offer a plenty of things to do; rafting, hiking, tree-climbing, zip-wire = everything that I love to do.

Unfortunately, non of those activities were available on the day we arrived. Those should have booked in advance. I had booked a gasthaus called Almlust Aldorf. The reason for my choice was the outdoor artificial lake - I had no idea they had a super nice, brand new and clean inside pool + SPA as well. The village was full of farm animals that children had a chance to feed. I fell in love with the goats. 

Flachau, Austria 2017

For a dinner we chose what else than shcnizels - come on, once in Austria! We managed to pick a good place, the meal was exactly what we needed after a long drive. 

Flachau, Austria 2017
"There's no way I would take a risk that some of my clients would feel themselves cheated and end up giving me reviews that I didn't deserve."

Always something negative, here it goes...

I had booked the accommodation from with a price of 130€. had then sent me a confirmation with the price again mentioned and everything what does the sum include. No mentions about additional costs. And I also had an understanding that I had already paid for the hotel... Well, when checking out, I was told that the accommodation hasn't been paid yet and that the bill is 179€. I showed the receptionists my reservation and their response was that there is a cleaning fee added to the price and that they've experienced similar troubles with throughout the year. They said that is hiding the additional fees on their site and I need to deal with them about this issue. I obviously disagreed, because thought about the situation in an business owner's angle: Imagined if I had a hotel business, would have screwed up and I had clients front of me that I'm asking 50€ more than they have prepared to pay for. What would I do? Would I tell them to pay that extra 50€ and deal with it with ( = by that act not taking responsibility and taking a risk that the client will give a bad review about my business because of this misleading) OR would I charge the amount that client has been made the purchase decision with, take the responsibility and deal with the myself about the issue. Absolutely the last option. There's no way I would take a risk that some of my clients would feel themselves cheated and end up giving me reviews that I would not be deserving. Also, I would contact other hotel owners and ask if they would've been facing the same issues with  and then together decide to contact a lawyer who would take care of the case. I also told my point of view to the receptionist and I still don't see how come she did not agree with me. It is not a customer's fault if a client makes a purchase with 130€. You cannot ask 50€ more afterwards because of the service provider you've decided to use for your business isn't delivering what you together have agreed. That shouldn't be a customer's responsibility to pay for your unsolved issues. 

I've came up with a conclusion that I quit using these hotel booking services and nowadays make bookings straight from the hotels.

Have you been happy with the booking services? 

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