Hotel Review | Helsinki, Finland | Hanasaari | "The best hotel in Helsinki"

With my 10 years of experience constantly staying in the different hotels around Helsinki I can honestly say, the best hotel in Helsinki and Espoo area is located in Hanasaari. Let me tell you why:

- Unique architecture - Absolutely gorgeous location - Friendly staff - Privately held - Consistent styling - Excellent breakfast included to the price - Free parking - The most proper swimming pool of the hotels in Helsinki - Good sauna - Private beach - Price & Quality ratio

+ Something to develop: Off Ala Carte menu with small 'tapas treats' from Finland and something to serve in the fire place room by the pool.

Hotel Hanasaari offers absolutely unique architecture with Finnish design classics.

This is our new 'home' away from home when in Helsinki. Unfortunately we are hard to please, high maintenance, quality conscious quests. But fortunately so for this hotel. 5 stars from us.

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