Makarska Riviera, Croatia

I can see it now after driven the coast line of Croatia from nearby border of Italy towards border of Montenegro – the further we get, the greener it gets. Even my partner who has always been a big fan of Spain just said to me, that Croatia what he has seen so far during this trip is more beautiful than the most beautiful spots of Spain.


Makarska Riviera is like upgraded version of Novi Vinodolski and Crikvenica – nothing too fancy though. The main marina reminded me a bit of Puerto Banus but without oligargs, yachts and prostitution. Makarska is surrounded by beaches that are all gorgeous. There are both; sandy beaches and stony beaches. I preferred the one that is very close by the marina and is turned into an outside nightclub after 10 p.m.

Makarska 2017


I had booked Vladimir’s apartment through AirBnb which was just perfect for us: The location was in the marina, old town, less than a minute away from the water. Vladimir had organized us a parking space from the front of the apartment without additional fees. There was an perfectly cooling AC and a T-Mobile state of the art Wi-Fi.

Vladimir was super welcoming and helpful – also later when Mikko broked his ear in a bouncy castle (lol) and blood started coming from inside of the ear, Vladimir organized us an appointment with Dr. Branko Glusac, a famous surgeon specialized with ears and face surgery. His working space is located in a stylish, brand new building with hotel called Ani. He gave me valuable consultation meanwhile Mikko was treated and I’ll be returning to his practice for some operations that I’ve been aiming to do forever but now I finally met a top specialist.

Could recommend Vladimir’s place for everyone and definitely booking with him again once returning to Makarska.

Vladimir's apartment in Makarska


Makarska is full of basic restaurants that you can find from beach locations; the ones that serve everything possible in their menus with pictures included. Very easy for families with children. One night we had a date with my partner and we left ‘our’ 12-year-old alone in the apartment with his X-Box for a couple of hours. We found this cozy restaurant called Lanterna and ordered various types of seafood with amazingly delicious local white wine. Owner of the restaurant served us and joined us later for some Raki. The chef of the place joined us. Somehow my partner always spots people with a fighting background, because his back ground is with MMA mostly. Well – the chef happened to be a boxer. And it was an evening after famous MMA + Boxer match with Conor McGregor… So, they started matching. That’s our way of a romantic date. Lol. Your partner starts matching with the chef.

Makarska 2017

f I was a clubber, there would’ve been multiple choices. So Makarska is perfect for "party-people" as well. The day after I got a food poisoning – not from the restaurant we had a dinner though. So, spent the whole yesterday in the toilet basically. Therefore, didn’t have chance to take pictures of all the beautiful things Makarska has to offer. Next time baby.

After my food poisoning happened the thing with Mikko’s (name of my partner) ear. What a luck. The youngest traveller is still happy and healthy – except a bit frustrated after 3 hrs without dataroam running.

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