Mumbai Wedding

Crashed into the Indian wedding the other day. Unfortunately left my camera on the hotel room but managed to capture the 'leftovers' afterwards.

Mumbai wedding 2017

I was told that in the traditional Indian weddings husband arrives by riding a horse and group of beggars (guests from the husband's side) try to stop him from getting to his future wife. Husband has to negotiate his way to the other side of the gate (there is always a gate in between a husband and a wife to be) where his future wife is waiting with her relatives and then the negotiations continue all over again.

Mumbai 2017

Traditional Indian weddings last for 4 days which first 2 days are about preparing for the ceremony by tattooing hands with henna, elder female members of the family telling bride about the birds and bees, eating with a family, etc.

In Indian weddings typical amount of guests is around 1500 people. In 4 days bride changes her outfit many times by using the dresses her relatives (or her husband's relatives) has wore in their weddings. Then the bride usually has her very own wedding dress for the ceremony.

The price of a proper Indian wedding dress is around 5000€. For example my friend had in her wedding a master piece from Indian designer Ritu Kumar. So much more interesting than the basic white Vera Wang.

So we decided to have our wedding in Indian way if there ever will be such a party - not a big deal for us. Love is only thing what matters. But throwing such a party could be so much fun!

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