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Whilst travelling, I don't always find it so easy to take care of my skin.  First of all; I yet haven't found a magic trick that would save my skin from pimples during the flights. Secondly, most of my products are in huge bottles and require maintenance in the fridge. Regardless of the challenges, my skin glows and is in the better condition than many people has when facing the magical 30 years of age. Within this post, I'm going to reveal 'my 6 beauty secrets' that keep my skin glowing and young regardless of the jet lags, pollution in the big cities and bad air in the airplanes.

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1. Drink a lot of water

This is something that you can always read from every single beauty blog but which is true. Especially while flying; drink as much water as you can. After the flight you will look like an elephant, but you're going to get the swelling caused by the pressure variation off so much faster than without drinking (water!!! ...And tea)

2. Eat your vitamins

There are multiple opinions about food supplements, but if your diet is unbalanced with irregular mealtimes, it's better to have a good, proper multivitamin daily than to not have those vitamins that your body needs. What I've been happy with, is the one super cheap supplement that is sold in the UK under a name of "Precnacare" (LOL). It includes everything that I need - and of course on the top of that, I'm eating a lot of veggies and berries.

Eat your vitamins

3. Make an effort with your skin care routines and products; don't forget the importance of vitamins, washing and protection

 I have a top quality beauty products that include pure Hyaluronic Acid, 80% collagen gel, pure vitamin C serum, strong Retinol A products, Salicyl acid products, different kind of cleansers and on the top probably the most important: a sunscreen with ++50 SPF.

4. Botox is a blessing - start when you're young

Unlike many would imagine, Botox isn't something you use to fill your lips. It doesn't make you look like straight from a horror movie either.

Botox has removed many issues that I suffered from in my previous life: teeth grinding (and as a result and over-developed jaw muscles), a migraine and constant headaches, muscle pains, over sweating in face and hands, and as a huge plus, no wrinkles! I started taking Botox when I was about 25-years old. I would suggest to start when you yet don't have visible wrinkles; therefore you can prevent them from developing. I use Botox in every 3 months and I love it! It truly has saved my life!

Botox is my guilty pleasure

As a warning: there are many 'cheaters' in the industry, that are marketing their services as a Botox (even in the country like Finland, where they have laws for everything you could not even imagine...) but in a reality, they are using cheaper products like Azzalure that isn't Botox - it includes some amounts of Botox though what I've understood. Always when I've started asking more detailed questions about the products they are using in several clinics in Helsinki, Finland - the communication has ended. The same thing in the UK. 

But then I randomly found a person in Finland, who openly told me about the products they are using in her clinic. I was still a bit suspicious, because the price "was too good to be true" as I was used to the price level in the UK. But once I met Susanna Hanhineva, I knew that this woman is a keeper! She really knows what she's doing. Botox treatments in her clinic cost approximately €199 / area. And believe it or not, she is the only professional in the health care industry, who has ever explained of the each muscular functions of a face - with using a proper face map of muscles. Truly fascinating - and again, professional!

5. Don't forget the facials and face treatments made by professionals.

Even how good products and nutrition you would have, don't forget the importance of facials made by professionals. I'm highly suggesting my current location, Cluj-Napoca in Romania for all kind of beauty treatments. I randomly found this salon from Instagram, that offers the premium quality 75min facials with the price of  ~€30. At the same time, I took the lash extensions for the first time in ages. The total price was around ~€60 and the most importantly - the quality was better than in the most expensive salons around the world I've ever been to. The salon is Cluj-Napoca is called GZ Aestethics Cluj.

The mask what I had, was called HYDRA-LIFT FACIAL.

"Hydra-Lift Facial targets all skin types and is customised for your specific needs, facial streaming, facial extractions and deep cleansing beyond the surface.This youth-enhancing combination of Galvanic and High Frequency anti-aging has fast and dramatic results. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, skin tone and texture are restored and the complexion becomes smoother and more radiantly youthful after just one treatment. High-frequancy will leave the skin completely bacteria free and less likely to break out. Galvanic stimulation will help propel active ingredients deeper into the skin to rehydrate and re-moisturise. Enzyme peel, relaxing hands-on shoulder and face massage, anti-aging facial mask with scalp massage makes this facial beautifully indulgent and incredibly effective."

I also received full instructions for my skin-care routines and ofcourse how to take care of my lashes. That's what I call a 5 star service. 

6. The importance of sports and a muscle care

I neglected myself for years with irregular lifestyle which didn't include too much sports. As a result, I became from skinny-fat to fatty-fat. When I was  24-years old, I slowly started to change my lifestyle with the help of a personal trainer Mira Rosenberg,who inspired me to leave hard drinking (yes, unfortunately hard drinking is considered as a part of a Finnish youth culture, especially in the area, city center of Finland, where I spent my youth it is very common and therefore admitted.Though, that's not an excuse of why you have to be shit-faced every weekend. My reason was mainly somewhere else) and replace it with exercising. 

Thanks to Mira, I found my love towards sports again after years. 

That's about it, my 6 beauty secrets! How about yours? 

*Ps. This post hasn't been created in a collaboration with anybody. 

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