My job requires traveling and doesn't have a 9-5 office hours

I hear a lot comments about my constant traveling. Some people are wondering, how can I keep going, some are saying: "Don't complain about being tired of going to Germany, you have a chance to travel". Well, I've seen both sides of the coin. And this is the life I have wanted.

Yes, got to admit, that I have always approached everything that I have ever wanted in my life. It has required sacrificing unhealthy friendships, bankruptcy, learning by mistakes, moving abroad and opening my heart. Basically, every time I haven't been happy with my life, I have first looked myself from the mirror, illustrated the problem and then started processing it. Some problems require more processing time than the others. I've learnt to be careful what I wish for - because my wishes attempt to become true. Anyhow, this post isn't about problems nor wishes. It's about yet another day at the office - this time at our office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with my colleagues.

A TIP: Just to mention, as a tip for anyone whom traveling with Wizzair: It's all worth it paying a little extra of the front row seats and please ensure that you'll pay the priority boarding separately. It's not included anymore on the Wizzair front row seats. If you won't have the prio, you'll need to pay 60€ to get your luggage + laptop case on a plane in case your laptop doesn't fit into your bag.

The start-up I work for, is about an year old, and in our team, there are together 7 nationalities. That's pretty awesome. Only during year 2017, I have traveled because of the work multiple times in India, China and around Europe. And I'm the one who travels probably the least in our company. The lady in orange, is always on a plane.

A start-up job suits for me the best because first of all, I'm extremely interested in the topic we work on, and second of all, it doesn't require me to be at some specific place (office) 5 days a week, 8 hrs a day. Still, we all work without watching the time or a day. I don't care if it's a weekend or 9 p.m. when there's some project to work on.

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