Planning for a next ski holiday | Throw back | Courchevel, French Alps | Spring season 2017

It's already September - a  perfect time to start thinking of the skiing season in the Europe. In the beginning of the year of 2017, on February, we spent a wonderful one week holiday in Courchevel, French Alps, with my partner and his son. Couldn't be better place for families or couples aiming for peace and itself - skiing.


I haven't ever been too much into winter sports and this was my first time of skiing in about 13 years to be honest. Thanks to my support team and a personal coach, I got into the blue routes on a second day of our trip. And the blue routes have nothing to do with blue routes in Finnish skiing centers for example. The third day was about off-pistes which I found some how more relaxing and easier as I didn't have to think about anything else but my own performance. When we came to Courchevel, we were about in the same level with my partner's son, and when we left... well... he is his  father's son. Disappeared to the black forest routes time after time, then jumped somewhere from the forest and asked: "Shall we do this again?"

Once my partner got bored with the companion of the beginners, he left for his own routes and accidentally met some unnamed CEO's of huge world wide known companies, whom had an helicopter to take them to the more challenging off-pistes. Well you can imagine, he had a great time as he's been doing skiing for his entire life and loves nothing more than challenging off-pistes. 

The Calais Ferry


Once again, we packed our dear old SUV, a son on the back seat with his pillows, blankets and snacks, data roam on this time and drove to the Dover-Calais ferry. The whole trip all the way from our front door to the Courchevel took approximately 13 hrs. My partner was quite tired after the long drive, but it was nothing compairing to our drive from London to Helsinki with very limited pit-stops.

Courchevel 2017


During this trip I learnt to appreciate Arcteryx in a way that I haven't appreciated before: you don't feel sweating, cold wind, anxiety when wearing Arcteryx. The materials are incredibly light and amazing to wear while skiing. The design, color nor the logo isn't something that I would have picked because I'm an amateur skier and my inner Russian is telling me: "Pick the mink fur and jeans - or how about the whole white outfit then?"

We actually had an argument about this with my partner before the trip which end up with his words (me crying): go ahead, wear your mink fur, put them jeans on. It will be wonderful for you. 

Now, after ~8 months I'm OK with admitting that he was completely right with everything around the topic!

Have to talk a little bit about the skis, boots and sticks (?)... It really makes a difference what shaped your skis and sticks* are. I had some HQ, brand new PRO stuff from Salomon on use. I have no idea about the models and details, but I just loved them. I changed between two differently shaped sticks and skis and noticed that I loved much more the other set. Couldn't have believed that there is so much differences even with the s t i c k s. 

Courchevel 2017


We were lucky to rent our friend's cottage with a perfect location, a few minutes away from the ski lifts. there are similar cottages for rent and you can also find quite nice, cozy hotels in the area. 

The restaurant selection was quite small but good - just what we needed after a long day with skiing: fondue, a glass of good red wine... some French delicacies. There were a shop where you could buy a fresh bread... And an oyster shop! The most romantic what a man can do for me is when he brings me a plastic bag full of fresh oysters!

That's about Courchevel. I would love to get back there again when the season begins on December, but for the skiing holiday in 2019...

I would love to hear your  recommendations about the nice skiing destinations in the Europe - nothing too noisy. Thank you in advance! xx

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