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I haven't ever been a big fan of soups before Romania. In here, everybody's having soups all the time - for lunch, dinner... I wouldn't wonder anymore if there was soup for breakfast as well! The soups that I've had in Romania has constructed from ingredients such as stomach.

The stomach soup isn't probably the easiest one for a Finn, as we are not too much used to the texture of it. It's like a skin of a chicken. Luckily, I got used to it in Spain, where they attempt to use more spices with it though. While in Cluj-Napoca, I have tried various Romanian restaurants and there is one above others that I loved the most, here's ZAMA for you.

We randomly noticed the restaurant from the street. It looked stunning, so we walked in. When inside, the first impression just got better; there were a friendly members of the staff welcoming us and we got a nice table. You could immediately see, that unlike in the other restaurants that I visited in Cluj-Napoca that are specialized in Romanian kitchen, this restaurant was full of locals. A few foreigners as well, like us. 

Ofcourse we ordered soups to begin with. We both ordered delicious mushroom soups with lots of cream in it plus it comes with an extra sour cream (I'm a big fan of sour cream, or as they call in Romania, Smantana. In Finnish, Smetana).

We continued with the tenderloin steaks, which were the best ones in Cluj-Napoca so far. (Yes, we have eaten a little bit too much red meat lately and noticed, that even in the very good restaurants, they sometimes sell some roast as sirloin and it hasn't been too good.)

Even I was packed with food, there's always space for some dessert. Rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. Was delicious - could have been picked from the Finnish kitchen as well. 

We all know how much this dinner with wines and all would've cost in a restaurant like this in London (or in Helsinki).

Rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. Was delicious - could have been picked from the Finnish kitchen as well

Well, this was 5 times less costy than what you imagine the price would've been in London. This is one of the reasons why I don't see the point of living in that city. But London, here we come. Before that, there will be a plenty of restaurant reviews and other stuff coming up from Cluj-Napoca!

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