The 5 things to fall in love with Belgrade, Serbia

I had visited Belgrade last time 5 years ago in not so successful matters, in a way that my memories towards the whole city weren't that amazing before returning to the capital of Serbia. This time we end up spending in Belgrade for 2 nights and I fell in love. In this post I'm going to tell you, what I loved about Belgrade.

Belgrade 2017

1. People

Serbians are super friendly and helpful people. They will help you in the streets when asking about something - even they wouldn't speak English, they are still trying to help. Service in the restaurants is over all good. Plus, as like in the other Balkan countries as well - people are beautiful.

2. The energy and a feeling of a freedom

In Belgrade, you have this feeling like you would have time-traveled back to the 80's or 90's in a good way - people are allowed to smoke wherever they want (BTW I'm not a smoker), there isn't EU standards for every single damn breath. I could sense a sort of freedom that I cannot feel in the Northern European countries. At the same time it was so random when a person next to us in a semi nice restaurant started smoking - and the same time it felt so good. Just like in the 90's or early 2000's in Finland. Is that called a nostalgia? 

Belgrade 2017

3. Restaurants and Cafeterias

Belgrade is full of small independent restaurant and cafeterias. There is everything for everybody from stylish to 'artsy' and stylish to classic and stylish. Mainly, everything is build with a taste - or if there isn't a taste, the place is super kitsch in a tasty way. Serbian food is very similar to it's neighbor countries; they have tasty selection of meats and cheeses, different kind of 'mezes', a lot of meat and bread, fresh veggies... Amazing beer and a wine.

Belgrade 2017


Belgrade 2017

4. Architecture

Serbian architecture is a breathtaking beautiful. Even though because of their history - many buildings have been bombed and ruined, there are still a plenty of incredibly beautiful, old buildings left. 

Belgrade 2017

 5. The level of accommodation

First I had booked us a hotel, which looked OK in the pictures and had a star rating 3.5 stars. Once we arrived to the front of the hotel after a 11 hours drive at 10 p.m. and I went in, I returned back to the car where my partner was waiting for me and said:"You know honey, what ever it costs - I'm going to book us a new hotel. Let's go to the Mc Donalds and book us a proper hotel". 

Moskov hotel 2017

I found the hotel called Moskov which looked like there wouldn't be any unpleasant surprises. It cost approximately 180 EUR / night. With that amount was included a junior suite with 2 floors, a (nice) breakfast for three, a guy playing piano on the lobby, 5 star service. The hotel is ranked with 4 stars but seriously, could be worth 5 stars. My point being: It doesn't make sense to book a 3 star hotel in Belgrade because it makes more sense to pick the best one. 

 In the Moskov hotel there is also a SPA with a swimming pool, saunas and treatments - which I didn't try because I was with a child whom could not join as the SPA was for adults only which I totally understand. We were supposed to stay another night at the AirBnb apartment I had booked, but we really wanted to stay at Moskov so we did. Next time I would definitely book the same hotel but go to Belgrade without children, for a culture. 

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