"The first thing in the new surroundings is to find out, where's the best pizza in a town" | Pizza

First things first. Especially if you're living with an old-school man and want to keep him happy without kitchen, you'll need to find out the best kebab- and the pizza places of the town. So here we come to the topic of the day/: Pizza Acrobatica and why I love it so much.

Pizza Acrobatica, Cluj-Napoca 2017

1. Again, Smantana a.k.a sour cream a.k.a smetana all around! There is a Finnish word for describing my feelings about that what can't be translated in English, it is: m ä r s t i n e n.

2. CHEESE. Do I have to say more?

3. For those who like, there are options with fresh ingredients such as broccoli.

In our apartment, Cluj-Napoca 2017

4. Price. Quality pizzas with the price of what I could never find in Finland, even from the crappiest places.

5. The pizza base. Nicely done.

Acrobatica, 2017

Thank you Pizza Acrobatica for spicing up our romantic evenings with Netflix.

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